My Fantastic Diving Trip to Indonesia

Beautiful Gili Islands, Indonesia
Beautiful Gili Islands, Indonesia

For me, diving is about the freedom that it brings. I don’t dive because I get paid, I dive because I love being able to swim amongst the fish and crawl along the sea-bed. I love diving the way some people love running or horse-riding; it allows me to be free. When I feel down, I tell my problems to the sea instead of a therapist. After all, the sea doesn’t talk back. But, this isn’t just about my love of diving, this is about a very special diving trip to Indonesia, which will stay with me forever.

Start as I Mean To Go On

Before I get started on the dives, let me tell you about the party I went to whilst I was there. So, I met a guy there and he was pretty cool and so, he told me that a really cool party was going on that evening. Well, I did the only logical thing; I went to the party and boy did it start my trip off with a bang.

He gave me the directions and, when I got there, my heart sunk. It was packed. I thought that we would never be able to get in. Obviously, I did get in and, when I was on my way to locate a beer, I spotted the DJ. Now, most of you will say, huh, what’s the deal with the DJ? Well, you see he was a top DJ and, oh wow, he was amazing. You can really tell the difference between a good DJ and a not-so-good one, can’t you? Anyway, the rest of the party passed in a blur of beer, fireworks, and music. If you’ve ever been to an amazing party, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Best Hangover Cure

After I’d slept off the hangover from the party, I located my beloved diving kit and headed for the boats. The dude driving the boat took me out to this secluded cove and, I have to admit, when I saw this, admittedly beautiful, spot, my heart sunk. I had no idea that such a secluded spot could hide such wonders below the surface. Anyone who has ever dived in Indonesia will know how amazing it is below the surface. The fish just don’t seem to care that above the surface people face horrendous challenges; they just swim. Now, the spot might have looked peaceful above the surface but underwater, it was a different story; the entire ocean was a ricochet of colors. Everywhere I looked, there were beautifully colored fish, corals and other sea plants. Trust me when I say this, it was pretty dang special. I spent a while down there, just forgetting my worries, and, when I reached the surface, I felt like the most carefree guy in the world.

To Be a Fish

Anyway, if the first spot was special and the second one was even better. Whilst the first spot was chaotic and hectic (like a city street) the second spot was peaceful, tranquil and dignified. The water was crystal clear and the sand was so, well, white. The fish just seemed to glide through the water, rather than dart. And me? Well, I just sat there and watched them, wishing I could be like them.