Why I Followed the Trend and Got One of Those Hoverboards

Why I Followed the Trend and Got One of Those HoverboardsI’ve always prided myself on being something of an early adopter, so how could I say ‘no’ to a hoverboard? This is one of those technologies that people were talking about in my youth that actually happened, and there’s something powerfully symbolic about being able to buy one after all of these years.

I grew up watching Back to the Future movies and dreaming about living in 2015 and being able to get one of those cool flatscreens and riding on a hoverboard for the first time. Naturally, like most members of my generation, I grew up cynical about the future and figuring that the cool stuff that was supposed to arrive on time was going to never get there. Maybe the Baby Boomers would somehow manage to sequester that too, just like they did with most of the job opportunities. When flatscreens and hoverboards did happen, I had to make sure that I had both.

Yes, there are a lot of hoverboards to choose from and some more expensive than others. I’m opening myself up to criticism by purchasing one because of the price. I suppose that this automatically identifies me as one of the rich people. I accept that. I don’t make purchases like these all that often, so I hope that this counts for something. This was something that required me to dig into my savings. However, I think that it’s worth each and every penny – much like when I shelled out a good chunk of my savings so I could go on a diving trip to Indonesia.¬†Also, I didn’t just purchase the first board that I saw. I really put my back in doing my research, visiting websites like ChooseWheels.com for recommendations, and asking friends what they thought.

People who say that hoverboards are only for the rich are being shortsighted. They are at the moment, but the technology is going to come down in price as the technology gets more profitable and easier to implement. The people who adopt the technology early are helping that process happen for everyone. When you think about it, we’re really just playing out part in making sure that everyone has access to a hoverboard at the end of the day.

I completely support hoverboard skating parks. I really hope that these ones will actually have hoverboards for rent, so people don’t have to buy their own all the time. I also support them because these skating parts are going to give me more options. I really think hoverboards in general are part of a major trend, and the increased existence of these hoverboard skating parks will help signify the development of that trend.

I also think that we all benefit from the development of hoverboards, even the people who don’t have them or who don’t want them in the first place. The fact that they’re coming out with hoverboards really makes you wonder what they’re going to come out with next. I get future shock from looking at tablets after watching people use tablets that were similar on Star Trek all those years ago. Now, people are using hoverboards. It feels like all of this is part of a greater new trend towards twenty-first century technology that is going to blow the twentieth century right out of the water. That’s a great trend to join today.