Flower Symbolism and How To Use It On Your Big Day

You may wonder how some people mix things up in a world where all weddings are done with rose petals. A rose is a perfect flower to choose, but why not push the envelope with something a little more unique? That’s what the symbolism of flowers allows you to do. Consider exploring some of these different approaches to flower-based decoration at your wedding.

The relationship of flower symbolism with a wedding can be divided into three different ways. The first way is to look at the different kinds of flower symbolism, such as the different color symbolism, the different meanings of flowers, etc. The second way is to learn the flower symbolism, and how to use it on the big day, such as when someone gives a bouquet of gardenias or roses, it can be a symbol of love and romance, or it can be a symbol of their love for each other. The third way is to learn how to use the flower for the wedding by writing a poem with the flower on the invitation or in other endearing ways.

Flower symbolism is a crucial part of any wedding. Understanding the meaning behind your guests’ words during your ceremony or reception is the key to making your day all the more memorable.

Wedding flowers – yellow, red, purple, white, and all the other colors of the rainbow – are a trendy symbol of love, yet a flower symbol can carry a multitude of meanings depending on the occasion, the season, and the color of the flower. We all know the importance of your wedding flowers and the symbolism they can bring to your special day. However, as said before, there are many different types of flowers and different ways you can use them on your wedding day. 

Yellow Rose 

A yellow rose in spring is a symbol of hope and renewal. A rose in spring for a wedding, on the other hand, symbolizes happiness and togetherness. It can also be a symbol of great joy and has the ability to uplift the atmosphere of any place. When used as décor, yellow roses can set the tone for the wedding, making the guests as well as the bride and groom happy and evoke feelings of warmth.


Amaryllis has a meaning that people can relate to. Throughout history, Amaryllis has been used to symbolize love, friendship, and devotion. But what does this mean in terms of a wedding? No matter what the occasion, Amaryllis will add a unique touch of beauty and flair to your wedding day. The brilliance of the flower can be a symbol of beauty, but it can also be a symbol of love itself.


When you look at an anemone, it’s easy to see why it’s considered the symbol of love. Their petals are bright in appearance, and they make a dramatic statement on your wedding day with their vivid colors and dramatic display. But, did you know there is more to the anemone than just the appearance?

Calla Lily 

The calla lily is a flower with long slender leaves growing in a symmetrical pattern on a tall stem, symbolizing beauty and elegance. The typical calla lily comes in many different colors and has a unique fragrance that is different from other flowers. The flower can be white, purple, pink, red, blue, yellow, orange, brown, or green.


The Carnation is one of the most popular flower bouquets for weddings. Carnations have a long history of being used in weddings, and this beautiful flower symbolizes purity and innocence. Carnations are also considered to be one of the most versatile flowers, making them great for bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and corsages. Carnations also work very well as a reception flower, as they’re less expensive than other flowers such as roses; they even last longer. In the olden days, they were used as bouquet decorations by brides betrothed to a handsome suitor. Today, a beautiful bouquet of pink carnations can set the tone for a romantic, elegant wedding.

At a time when most of our wedding guests are turning to the digital age for their weddings, the traditional approach to weddings still remains a vital part of wedding planning. It is always recommended to use beautiful flowers to adorn the wedding venue. There are many ways to use these flowers to attain the desired results. This article aimed to give a little knowledge about some well-loved wedding flowers; we hope you consider some of them for your wedding!

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