Stylish Outfit Idea for Work

For most of us, dressing up to go to work is the last thing on our minds. We spend most of our working hours in comfortable clothes, jeans, yoga pants, or sloppy t-shirts and leggings. But dressing for work should be fun, and there are many stylish looks that you can wear to the office. The key is to pick an outfit that will make you feel confident and boost your self-esteem.

The idea of being comfortable at work may seem contradictory to the idea of being stylish. Your best style sense might not involve wearing the latest fashions or the highest heels, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look highly professional and stylish in your office attire. 

Do you dread going to work each day because you just don’t have anything to wear? Feeling uninspired and unable to figure out what to wear each day can be a major drag and typically only worsens over time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Investing in a few work-appropriate basics, such as dress pants, tops, and jackets, can revamp your working wardrobe and provide you with some style inspirations.

Blazer, Top, Pants, and Flats

A blazer and pants look professional for the office but casual enough for a more casual work environment. A blouse and leggings are comfy and cute, while a blouse and skirt look more on the professional side. Pick a few pieces for each outfit, and you’ll be able to put together three outfits for a week of work. Business casual attire doesn’t have to be boring. 

Mixing and matching blazers, shirts, pants, and shoes can spice up your work outfits. These combinations work equally well for men and women and are especially trendy for fall. Try pairing a blazer with a striped and patterned shirt, floral pants, and patent leather shoes with feminine details. Or, for a more professional look, pair a fitted blazer with an all-black outfit.

Midi Dress and Boots

If you work in an office, why not try a new hairstyle and ensemble that will get you noticed? Experiment with looks and styles that are springlike and feminine but also work-appropriate. Try a midi dress with ankle boots for a simple but fashionable look. If you’re worried about looking too “girlie,” ask a friend to hold your handbag or wear a blazer over a more form-fitting dress. This outfit is clean and professional but also feminine and flirty. Midi dresses are cropping up again in fashion, which is a good thing. Midi dresses are trendier than maxi skirts and compliment most figure types – and they’re also perfect for the office.

Trench Coat, Shirt, Pants, and Heels

Work outfit planning can feel like a lot of work, especially when you want to keep looking professional but don’t want to feel stuffy. The key is to find pieces that work together, like a nice trench coat. A trench coat is great to pair with jeans, a blouse, or a button-down shirt. A trench coat is a must-have for every stylish woman’s wardrobe. This coat is perfect to wear for a casual day out or a classy business meeting. You can pair it with a dress shirt, pants, and a pair of heels for an amazing look.

Blouse, Pants, and Flats

Starting a new job or returning to work after a long hiatus can be intimidating because you don’t know anyone. You’ll want to look professional but not overdressed, so you’ll want to mix and match items for a work outfit that is suitable for all situations—from casual to professional. Start by choosing a neutral-colored blouse and pants. Solid colors are easier to mix and match than prints, plus they last longer. Then, add a splash of color with a bright-colored blazer. Flats are the most comfortable shoes for work, so pair them with a blouse, pants, and blazer, and you have a professional look that is also simple enough for the office.

Wide-Leg Pants and Pointed Flats

Finding work-appropriate outfits that show off your new figure after pregnancy can be difficult. But wide-leg pants and pointed flats will do the trick, and best of all, they’re both classics that will never go out of style. Plus, if you’ve got a mound of baby weight to lose, there’s no need to wear your maternity clothes to the office. 

Wide-leg pants and pointed flats are just as comfortable as your old standby but give you a bit of extra room. Wide-leg pants are a trend that doesn’t always translate well to real life. They don’t have to be overly baggy for comfort, but they still tend to be slightly unflattering due to their width. Pointed flats are super cute, but they require special consideration when pairing them with wide-leg pants.

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